In 2007, lessons in Katori Shinto-ryu and Hoki-ryu were offered in the course of the University of Bonn's sport's program by Dr. Andrea Raccanelli for the first time at a German university. Shortly after, he and part of his students founded the Kobukan Bonn (古武館 ボン). Since 2011, we are a registered non-profit organization with the goal of preserving and promoting Japanese koryu.
To achieve this, we regularly invite our Japanese masters as well as European teachers to Bonn or participate in international seminars.

Additionally we are part of the Koryu Bujutsu Rengo Kai (古流武術連合会), a japanese association also dedicated to the preservation of traditional martial arts, combining a number of different ryuha under it's roof.

While our training was focused on the university's sport's program for a long time, we've recently started to expand our association's internal training. This way, we are also able to provide a possibility to train outside the sport's program, especially for those who would not be able to participate otherwise.


Everyone is welcome to join the association, provided they are at least 16 years old and in good physical health.

We like to keep it traditional concerning admission into the association, therefore we prefer to meet prospective members before they join. Feel free to come by our internal training on Saturday morning, but please announce your visit beforehand via E-mail or the contact form.


Since the founding of the association, we've remained true to our roots and offer lessons in Hoki-ryu Iaido as well as lessons in Katori Shinto-ryu in the course of the University of Bonn's sport's program. However, those lessons serve more as an introductory course for both schools and only parts of the curricula are being taught.
Participation is bound to the conditions of the university's sport's program, membership in the association is not required.

Starting in early 2014, we've reduced the number of trainings offered at the sport's program in favor of our association's internal training. Since we do not have suitable rooms for training at our disposal, we've been granted halls by courtesy of the city of Bonn. Our regular training takes place in the gym hall of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt Gymnasium.

The training is directed by Mr. Dr. Andrea Raccanelli and Mr. Constantin von Richter.

Internal Training:

Directed Lessons: Sat, 09:00am – 11:00am
Free Training: Sat, 11:00am – 01:00pm


Hoki-ryu: Wed, 07:00pm – 09:30pm
Katori Shinto-ryu: Fri, 07:30pm – 09:30pm

Participation in the lessons of the university's sport's program does not require membership in the association.